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I Love creating new online businesses every month. Because I am addicted to being rich. It is so easy to verify an idea and building a new online business to make money. "Sometimes i wonder why the average people complaint, choose to slog for a few dollars when they are the same like me, with hands, legs and brain - Well the answer is they are lazy, want guarantees and hope for windfall and i am hardworking. So which side are you on? The guide is here to look for the tunnel with the cheese. But you need to walk the tunnel."

Discover Full practical and tutorial from ground zero to the first online business in 30 days. Step a-z fully explained and reproducible for age 18+ and above.

"The secret to being poor is to spent money on lotteries and wasting time watching TV and complaining. With $10 a week ($480 a year) on lottery this is enough as a seed fund to start an online business and make $4000 from $480. Instead of wasting 1 year waiting for zero returns from lotteries, one can spend 10 hrs and learn how to start from nothing. How is that for a change?"

"Final words. After you become successful, please help the unfortunate. Do not donate by dumping money to charity organizations hoping that they will do all the right things. Take ownership and directly buy provisions or pay for bills for these unfortunate family. True actions helps."

"19+ entrepreneur selling baby garments with monthly revenue of 20k- my biggest regret was choosing to experiment myself. I wasted years perfecting and learning. I should have just used the guide because it is all there. Being stubborn is the worst enemy for all whole wants to be an entrepreneur"

It is All About YOU. Discover your potential. Entrepreneurship rocks and may be suitable for you. Here we help you start from Nothing to Selling Products within 30 days. - You can be the next businessman and businesswomen if you just try.
Before we begin, we would like to share that we are not selling any products.
Instead, we are providing you an opportunity to be an entrepreneur. We show you the actual steps A-Z that dozens of entrepreneurs did and you decide should you want to replicate and be the same successful entrepreneur like them. Towards the end, you will know how they used a seed fund of few hundreds and turn it into thousands. You will find out that it is easy and no where so tiring that people feared it would be. With this guide, we remove the tiring journey and make it easy, interesting and a high chance of success.
(*) Discover for the first time, true Entrepreneur AND How to be a SURVIVOR; the true inner world from employee to self employer. Find out what these young people did that makes them millions. But here is a first secret : They just did and they just try. It is so easy, AVOID false steps and traps. Skip the distractions and focus on the same successful journey that other successful entrepreneurs take will also bring you to the same place.

List of Entrepreneurs who made it.
  • Being your own boss is the true financial independence - Andrew 2009 (Using our first edition)
  • Thinking will not be success. Hardwork will. But true smart is to learn from the success of others - Jams Adam 2009 (Using our first edition)
  • Life is never the same for me since. It just blew my mind away. The steps are so easy to follow it is a no brainer. I just didnt know where to start the last time. Now it is so clear - Nancy 2010 (Using our second edition)
  • And many dozens who started with this guide.
Why is this guide different and what does it contain?
  • Dozens of contributions from young entrepreneurs. They volunteered to share.
  • Through years of hardwork, we extracted out all the critical and important steps. 
  • We removed all the unnecessary steps.
  • From the first edition in 2009 to the third edition in 2014, this is repeatedly used, proven and created dozens of new entrepreneurs each month.
  • This guides focus on the steps of young entreprenuers
    • They want it fast
    • They wait it cheap
    • They do not wait to waste time.
    • They want to replicate to create dozens more successful businesses.
    • You follow them, their actions, their secrets and you can join them
    • Their goal is to churn out 1 successful online business ever 30 days. 
    • And this guide has all that indicated.
    • You save time focusing on doing the only valuable steps
    • You save money by not spending on useless books 
    • You save more money by not working through mistakes that every amateur does.
    • Skip leap frog from amateur to someone with 3 years of knowledge by just reading this.
    • You can now try this effectively and efficiently and see if you are cut out to be an online entrepreneur.
  • Thinking + Hardwork is not sufficient.
  • Reading tons of books are useless.
  • Getting the right mentor is the answer. But no mentors will spend the time.
  • So we created this guide. The brain of mentors. That mentor you. Read this in the train, in the bus; Read this on your way to work. 
True smart is to learn from the success of others - Jams Adam 2009 (Using our first edition) Life is never the same for me since. It just blew my mind away. The steps are so easy to follow it is a no brainer. I just didnt know where to start - Nancy 2010 (Using our second edition)And many dozens who started with this guide.

(*)  Choice to discover
Each of us has a choice : To be an employee or to strive a chance to be an employer. From the back seat or to the drivers seat.
The journey for many is a combination of fear, worry, frustration and feeling alone. However these does not necessary need to happen. This happen because people do not trust the information around them. They feel that the world is full of fakes. This is the problem. In the world of business, it is about risk and the willingness to pay for good and valuable information. People sit around waiting for the insurance of the holy Gail. There is no holy grail. Instead always invest in the best guide. Imagine when we are in school and the school taught us survival skills and not the answer to the universe. There is no answer in the world of universe. We provide the guide and the techniques and these survival skills.

This is not necessary! - For many, they spend $20K or more and endless years searching, reading and doing either nothing or the wrong things. With the right guide, $500 will be sufficient. 30 days will be sufficient. Because out all those mess, only some things makes the difference. Focus on these and do these is the only true answer.
This guide has No Marketing, No Advertising, No tricks and No Fakes. 
This guide shows you how to use the free internet tools to get started. Why you should only use $500 as the seed fund. And all the steps to validate your ideas are fully disclosed. This book is the combination of hundreds of books supported. This book is now the third edition. This book is only circulated among the elites previously.

(*)  Ignore those Myth. 

Success is only a few feet away and not that far. Start thinking logically,. If making money is so difficult then how did the young millionaires did it? It is your excuse not to try. If this is true then stay poor. But day by day more and more people are aiming to stay rich and be rich.

(*)  Myth and lets break these

1. You need a lot of commitment - There is no need to slog. In fact if you have 30mins of free time 3 days a week then it is all that is required. The top billionaires make their money selling something and why? Because it is the easiest. The most difficult is actually what we are doing now which is exchanging time with money by working for others.
2. You need a lot of drive and you will have no energy left - The journey will only get easier and easier as experience accumulates. One of the reason why people give up is because they do not believe is good materials. Just like the one that we have on this site, many refuse to even read. If there is no trust, then you are destined to have to go alone and reinvent the knowledge and fall down like many others. Thousands are going through the journey daily and this is no secret. You can make your life easier by just picking up a right material and find out how to complete the journey without experimenting along the way. This is smart.
3. You need to spend a lot of money and it is risky to lose it - Once you see our material and know then it takes only $600. You will be shocked that starting an online business does not need that $100K. Your wrong belief had you ignoring this all till today.
Culture belief that business is risky - Starting your own business is the safest because you are the boss. In fact being a salaried employee is the most risky. Look around recession is shorter and shorter. We are exposed to the wrong teaching because the rich need workforce or cheap labour.
Information overload - Yes this is by far the most stupidest thing i have seen happening. Everyday countless people prefer to ignore such materials such as ours and trust their own instinct. They prefer to go to libraries and buy books and read through hundreds of pages. Hello, life can be easy. This is not school and even in school the professional teachers can save your tons of days learning it the wrong way.
4. You will not know how much is enough - They only trust themselves and refuse to learn from successful entrepreneurs like us.
Skills, Knowledge and experience - Intelligent people are doomed to be poor. Smart people are the ones who are millionaires. Why because intelligent people always look for 100% sure win. There is no 100% sure win. They do not look at mother nature. There is only sure lose. For those who try, there is no sure win. For those who does not try there is a sure lose. For those who try but did not win, there is a runner up prize which is experience and this experience will leap frog them up the corporate ladder due to the extra knowledge.
5. No mentor and teacher, so your success is zero - Forget it, our material is the best. You are your own mentor, teacher and trainer.

Lastly a secret : Do you ever notice that the rich does not force their children into academic? They "pay" to have their kids get the certification fast. Education is not important. However they always spent money even if it means looking millions to have their children going to any business of sorts. Why? Because the true art of money making is in business.
Education is meant for people who exchange labour and time with money - The Poor
Experience is meant for people who use others peoples labour and time to make huge money - The Rich, Wealthy and Powerful

You should look at this if you belong to this category
- Single income family; Opening new income to reduce risk of recession or lost of breadwinner
- Lifelong dream to start a business. Start small online as a training before committing into a full business. Online business is also business.
- Bring entrepreneurship into the family, start your children and see if you can form a family business
- Rope in friends alike and see if you can create a pal business together.

How Andy did it. This is his journey and this can be yours too.

Day 1 : Andy thinks of 3 business (selling watches, dresses, baby clothings)
Day 2 : Andy uses our material and finds that 10,000+ people search for baby clothings online per month but less than 20% search for watches. 
Day 3 : Andy checks some sites using our recommendation and found that indeed sales online for watches is low.
Day 4 : Andy decides that baby clothings is the area he wants to try
Day 5 - 7 : Andy uses our material sources for suppliers
Day 8 - 12: Andy uses our material and negotiates. He finds it easy to get small orders to try. He did a calculation and his seed fund will be around 200-300 dollars but his profit could be 800-1000 dollars.
Day 13 - 18 : Andy prepares his internet selling while waiting for the goods.
Day 19 - 30 : Andy sells online.
Day 31 : Andy now with knowledge becomes more proficient and expands his products. Because he uses free internet tools his online business starts at 200-300 dollars. He now knows that 20% of his goods will bring in sufficient profit to breakeven.
Day 32 onwards : Andy starts more online business...
Day 154 : Andy now have 4 online business each making a profit of 2000+ dollars per month. He is now making near 8000+ dollars per month.
Day 154 : Andy is now preparing a real physical business.

Our materials benefit you because like Andy, you do not need to read though tons of book. Just come up with wild ideas and work through one. It is that easy

"The biggest problem that you and i face today is the growing population and automation. The "path of being employed" is one where jobs are too little and there will always be a shift from the old to the young. For those who are age 45 or more, this shift will soon begin and if you are still in your comfort zone, you will be in for a bad ride. How else can you ensure your survival and livelihood? The retrenchment cycle will be faster and faster. I am a survival but many like me fell because we choose to ignore this during our brightest days. So start early because it will take some time and along the way you can rope in your family members to help. Do not repeat the same mistakes like me. By the time it hits me, depression is just round the corner and it takes alot more to start fresh again. Start when you still have a job because you have the financial means. When retrenchment hits, even $100 is hard to find by then, all doors to better financial stability are shut." - Retrenched 3 times, Once a cab/taxi driver, Recovered from depression, Now a multi-millionaire.

Discover the following chapters in this guide. Knowing it all is the key. Because without this guide you will not know that to do next and how to do it. This is the reason why people fail. 
1. They either do not know what to do next.
2. They gave up trying because they see no end.
3. They end up in circle.
4. It can all change if they had this guide in the first place. Now you can too.
  • Bring on the ideas - How can you start if you do not have any idea? or You have an idea but have no knowledge of how many products are out there for your idea. We show you how to quickly know that is in the international market. And it is free and used by the pros. Simple yet hidden (Estimated people spent 1 year worth of self exploration - how much is 1 year of your time worth? This is how much you save.)
  • Decide on one idea - How do you know the potential of the market? How many people are looking for this in your city, country or around the world? The modern entrepreneurs found how to use this and many large companies are also using the same technique.(Estimated people spent 3-5 years worth of self exploration and sometimes never find out about this too - how much is 5 years of your time worth? This is how much you save.)
  • Sourcing for suppliers - How do you find the suppliers and get potential products to you. How can you build your inventory for dirt cheap price and sell for 5x-50x profit (Estimated people spent 3 years worth of self exploration - how much is 3 years of your time worth? This is how much you save.)
  • Receiving your goods - What do you do after receiving your goods from suppliers. How do you engage your suppliers. Sample letters and emails for you to get started immediately. (Estimated people spent 1.5 years worth of self exploration - how much is 1.5 years of your time worth? This is how much you save.)
  • Your internet presence - Now that you have your dream product. You have determined the price. How can you create your internet presence fast (Estimated people spent 3 months - 2 years worth of self exploration - how much is 3 months - 2 years of your time worth? This is how much you save.)
  • Finally - Because you now see all of these. You save yourself the potential of giving up during any of the step above. Give a figure. How much are you willing to pay to have a mentor guide you? Be honest - Then what if i tell you that you can save all of this. Keep this in the pocket. Well it does exist!.
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